Elected Officers

Linda Knowles


I started riding later in life but I have definitely made up for it by becoming a member of Tidewater HOG!  Over the past 13 years I have ridden over 125,000 miles on rides and trips with the Chapter.  There is nothing like seeing our beautiful country from the seat of a motorcycle.  Added to that is the wonderful group of friends I have made through my time with the Chapter.  I encourage everyone to use this opportunity as a member of Tidewater HOG to go on the day rides, take some time to go on the overnight trips, get involved with the running of the Chapter and get to know your fellow Chapter members.  You won't regret it!

Chris Ward

Assistant Director

I just really like to ride, and the Tidewater Chapter lets me do that.
Enough talk, let's ride!

JoAnn Emmons


For me it's simple, I ride because I can relieve stress from everyday life and have silence with only the sound of the motor. The second best thing is the people and opportunities that riding has provided me with HOG, Members, Chapters, Countries and the HD Family. Opportunities like no other.

Art Verdin